Terms & Conditions For Artists

Here are some terms & conditions , please read these carefully –

  1. Product description (Height x width x Length and Weight), material used alongside with suitable pictures & all the details should be submitted.
  2. Product details & pictures will be used on various social media platforms & our website.
  3. Product price & extra charge should be mentioned with product details and in case of price increase artisans should inform the updated price as quickly as possible. In any case an artisan forgets to mention the updated price old price will be considered.
  4. Availability of a product should be informed by the artisan on a regular basis.
  5. Artisans have to inform us about the time of preparation of every products. It is requested to dispatch the product as early as possible. (as per our website policy we promised to deliver products to customers within 7 to 10 days)
  6. If artisans deliver the product by their own they have to provide us all the information including the tracking details & delivery charges.
  7. Product amount will be sent to the artisan earliest after placing an order.
  8. As per our company policy if customer receives any damaged/different product artisan has to provide the product and we will provide the shipping and together it will be replaced as customer satisfaction is the most important factor for both of us. If damage occurs due to poor packaging of artisan the replacement cost will be bared by the artisan.
  9. If any artisan discontinues any particular artwork production or wishes to leave Necessity he/she has to inform before a certain amount of time. All pending orders must be cleared before leaving.
  10. Our Brand name & all types of brandings should be used only with our permission.
  11. It is requested to all artisans to stay co-operative with our team & delivery partners.

                                                                                                                                 Regards,                                               Necessity  – A unit of  Team TCB