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Dokra Artwork


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Dokra Artwork

  • Durga Murti of Dokra Quick View
  • Dokra Tribal Basket on HeadDokra Tribal Basket on Head Quick View
  • Dokra Harricun LanternDokra Harricun Lantern Quick View
  • Dokra GaneshDokra Ganesh Quick View

Clay Utensils - মাটির বাসনপত্র

  • Terracotta Durga Family Idol Quick View
  • Terracotta Hand Painted Wall Hanging Plate Quick View
  • Terracotta Designer Ganesh Set Of Two Quick View
  • Terracotta Radha Krishna Face Pen stand Quick View

Sholapith Artwork

Our Achievements & Recognizition

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Orange Wall hanging Sawdust Mask

1 of 16

MadhuKari Wall Hanging


Golden Horse Wall hanging Sawdust Art 

2 of 16

Madhukari mask yellow


Yellow Wall hanging Sawdust Mask


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Handpainted Terracotta Flowervase

4 of 16

Maa Durga Chhau Mask


Ma Durga Chhau Mask

5 of 16


Telephone Canvas Painting

6 of 16


Lord Shiva &  Ganesha Canvas Painting

7 of 16

Terracotta Horse

Terracotta Horse 24 inch

8 of 16


Handpainted Wooden Wall Decoration

9 of 16

Wooden Owl


Wooden Owl

10 of 16

Pine Wood Buddha

11 of 16


Wooden Owl Clock

12 of 16


Wooden Akchala Maa Durga Family

13 of 16

Nine man Bazra On Boat


Wall hanging Bazara Shola Art   

14 of 16


Dokra Ganesh Murti

15 of 16


Flore Mat of Madur

16 of 16

Handmade Jewellery

  • Durga Maa Handmade Fabric Jewellery Quick View
  • Designer Clay Jewellery Quick View
  • Bamboo Jewellery Set Quick View
  • Handpainted Eco-friendly Bamboo Jewellery Quick View

Wooden Craft

  • Wooden Maa Durga MurtiWooden Maa Durga Murti Quick View
  • Handmade Wooden Serving PlateHandmade Wooden Serving Plate Quick View
  • Wooden Owl 10 inch Quick View
  • Wooden Racing Horse pairWooden Racing Horse pair Quick View


Bablu Nandi

Bahadur Chitrakar

Dhananjoy Dey

Abhratanu Ganguly

Anirban Mishra

Sandeep Biswas

Handmade Designed Dairy

  • Special Gift BoxSpecial Gift Box Quick View
  • Dot mandala diary(spiral bind) Quick View
  • Dot mandala diary(spiral bind) Quick View

Chaau Mask

  • Delightful Handmade Durga Chhau Mask Quick View
  • Kali Wallhanging Gamira mask Quick View
  • Decorative Maa Durga Face Chhau Mask Quick View
  • Lord Ganesh Chhau Mask Quick View