History and Legacy of Indian Handcrafts

History and Legacy of Indian Handcrafts

The history of Indian Handicraft is not only just a story, it tells the heritage of great ancient Indian civilization. India’s struggle to gain independence from the British took many dimensions, but importantly it was a struggle to establish our own intellect & creativity. It is not only about forgetting the discriminatory attitude of the British but it established an indigenous movement by Indians to result and carve their own unique identities. The history & legacy of Indian Handicraft has been carried through more than 5000 years.

On the eve of the 75th independence day let’s together connect the dots between Indian handicrafts and the unlimited freedom that we relish today.

Handicraft as a secret weapon contributed to the freedom struggle by being a source of inspiration and self-reliance. Recall an unforgettable figure, KAMALA CHATTOPADHYAY uplifted socio-economic conditions and her impassioned belief in the crafting heritage of India. “

Also, Mahatma Gandhi initiated the Swadeshi movement by charkha. Charkha (spinning wheel) & khadi & fabric were not just tools. They were his thoughts from which the right definition of India was born.

Khadi was a symbol of freedom, the handmade fabric of India, and the symbol of national dignity.

Khadi mentally means decentralization of the production and distribution of the necessity of life.”

History , Legacy & Heritage of Indian Handcrafts

Towards inclusive development in the era of globalization, handicraft are our unique identities, glorious heritage, and also functional utility.

Evolution of handicrafts as a timeless tradition –

Indian handicraft have not really lost their living skill but it’s gone down to a greater degree because the industrial revolution came instead of industrial evolution. The history & legacy of Indian handicraft makes us proud & always in the heart of people who value creativity.

Handicrafts in Ancient Indian Civilization:

Heritage of Indian handicrafts of the ancient Sindhu civilization

According to the written resource (shastras), we find the existence of handicraft during ancient civilizations like Rakhigiri & Harappa. Their pottery and other materials designs are really commendable. we also find the existence of handicraft during the medieval period, especially during Akbar’s reign.

Indian craft is a mode of communication a craft of narrating the thoughts, expressions, and sentiments of the people connected to it.

We need to go back to the zero waste pattern, only a design can come out with years of evolution, immense love of artisans, and the value added by them and it’s aesthetically pleasing.

Great nation is a nation that respects the services of heroes.”

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Indian Handcrafts - A national Heritage

The latest trending slogans. However, the idea behind this movement is not new. It was convinced as a way to imbibe nationalism and nationalistic pride among  Indians. The history, heritage & legacy of Indian handicraft makes us proud.

In celebration of “Aazadi ka Amrit mohotsav“, let’s appreciate the existing work and create new pieces inspired by the culture, heritage, and traditions in India, which intends to empower the tribal and rural artisans with a motive to preserve the essence of our indigenous art of making handicraft.

A nation’s strength ultimately consists in what it can do on its own, and not in what it can borrow from others.”

“Pure handmade products, for instance, can only thrive when they offer something that machines cannot.”

The handicraft board also presented special awards to selected crafts persons throughout the country for their outstanding craftsmanship and imagination.

The holistic approach of handicraft is by the masses not for the masses.

Handicraft means infinite patience.”

Kala soch ko murti me badal deti hai”