Handicrafts and Indian Economy

“ক্ষুধার রাজ্যে পৃথিবী গদ্যময়,
পূর্ণিমার চাঁদ যেন ঝলসানো রুটি”

Handicrafts are the product of great efforts & creativity, but they also play a significant role in the Indian economy. Handicraft gives a notable effect on Indian GDP. Thousands of people put hours into it just to make the perfect piece. But what about when the efforts don’t pay off? It is said that “Karm karo fal ki chinta mat karo“. Who will give food to the children of craftsmen?

Handicrafts on Indian GDP & Economy
Handicrafts in Indian Economy & GDP



Due to the pandemic, the handicraft industry has faced a huge backlash millions of people lost their only way of living. The handicrafts sector plays a significant role in the Indian economy. It provides employment to a vast number of people in various rural & semi-urban areas and generates substantial foreign exchange. Even though being unorganized with additional constraints like lack of education, low capital & poor exposure to technologies handicrafts industry witnessed a growth of 20% annually before the pandemic.

After the covid hit on the people who fulfill our aesthetic needs are struggling to keep their homes. There are more than seventy lakh artists in India who are practicing over fifty different types of craftsmanship. According to a survey of the National Council, this industry is around a 100 billion dollar industry worldwide with a contribution to the world market of 1.2%. That’s the reason Handicraft sector put notable effect on Indian GDP. Elevate your style with a Patek Philippe Aquanaut replica, showcasing impeccable quality and sophisticated aesthetics: https://replicapatekphilippe.io/

Handicraft on Indian GDP



The industry sells over of items worth Rs 13412.92 Crore & share 1.51% of India exports. In this tough times like these, it’s quite tough for the craftsmen to live there with all unsold items, as sales have gotten down around 20%. Times are hard for everybody but as we are slowly getting better those who are in the position of privilege should try to buy local handicrafts to give a ray of hope to the people who make their hands dirty just to give artistic happiness in our life. We have to support those people who made our nation a cultural heaven.

Handicrafts and Indian Economy