Handicrafts Connecting Ages and Cultures

Handicrafts connecting ages & culture

Indian Handcraft Culture is like the soul of the world’s handicrafts & arts. Handicrafts are like connecting panels between ages-cultures.  When the ways of life are passed down through the ages, it becomes a culture. There is much evidence where we get the script of an ancient civilization. Handicrafts are one of the greatest and sweetest examples to express one community’s culture. India, the land of diversity, has vibrant roots in all types of cultures and traditional craft forms. India’s rich heritage and centuries of evolutionary tradition are embodied by handicrafts made all over the country. Handicrafts are the mirror of the cultural & artistic identity of the craftsmen. Every artwork is different from the other one because they each have different stories of struggle, sorrow & happiness. Handicrafts connect culture with the future generation. Indian Handicraft culture shows the diversity of the nation. Handicrafts connect cultures of old and modern India.

In India people of Twenty nine different states speaks different languages and with the states there are more than thousands of different folklores. The craftsmen pass down there teachings & folklores from one generation to further generations. 


 Like Murshidabadi Shanka Art has been a part of Bengali households since a century ago. The artist who specialized in textiles describes various folklore & mythological stories through designs. Isn’t it amazing that you walked into a modern wedding and see the bride wearing Baluchari Silk which has the great Kurukshetra war described throughout its body. Old African arts especially Egyptian have always been in an integral part of world Handicrafts. We can still see some great Cleopatritian art in the modern dining of Kolkata. 2003 Convention was mainly concerned with the skills and knowledge involved in craftsmanship rather than the craft products themselves. Indian Handicraft culture signifies the old ancient art of India. Handicrafts connect the different cultures of people of India.

 Rather than focusing on preserving craft objects, safeguarding attempts should instead concentrate on encouraging artisans to continue to produce craft and to pass their skills and knowledge onto others, particularly within their own communities. This will preserve the year-old traditions & maintain their integrity of traditions.

Handicrafts connecting ages & culture

 It has no bounds, handicrafts are product of creative manifestations. A Hindu home in India can own an old-crafted rock from Morocco. A Christian groom from America can gift his bride a Kashmiri pashmina. Culture heritage & traditions that flow within several handicrafts, can be of various languages written in different times but they are all united in deep virtue Love for art.

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