“যে জন প্রেমের ভাব যানেনা
তার সঙ্গে নাই লেনা দেনা…”

For the last few years, we are living in a world where society marks handicrafts as “not so necessary”. But since when art is not a necessity but a luxury? Since when making our lives beautiful in their own artistic way is not important?

Handicrafts are one of great example of big efforts & creative manifestations. For many communities , the only way of expressing their culture is through handicrafts so let’s make it necessity. We need more people to understand the meaning of #art_is_necessity from themselves and #make_it_necessity for a better future ahead. 

The handicraft industry has suffered in billions for this pandemic. Millions of people lost only way living. Handicrafts may not be a necessary to some people but to the households of Charida & Panchmura or may be some other villages of Medinipore, handicrafts are everything. Many households struggled to get their one-time lunch as most of the items were unsold. As our lives are getting more & more machine oriented so handicrafts are a necessity for the betterment of society.

Importance of art & craft

It’s important to keep our busy monotonous life, colorful with the touch of art. Times are tough for everyone, and it’s tougher for the people associated with handicrafts. As the industry faced a huge backlash many people tried to search other source of income. But now the times are getting a little better , people should recognize the importance of arts & crafts in our daily life. They not only contribute a great amount to the economy but also better our lives with their beauty.

 Art is what you feel, your sorrows, your laughs, your lonely night or in some people’s case hungry lonely night. Arts & crafts have the capacity to fit all that emotions into one tiny shell. Every stroke of a painting or a craft has a story to tell & that’s 

a necessity. There are e-commerce like only dedicated to handicrafts like ours necessity e-store made #art_is_necessity our proposition & it’s our mantra to make art a necessity. The more people value art & people associated with it the more our #art_is_necessity -Let’s make it necessity proposition becomes successful.

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