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Hand-painted kulo is the most selling handicraft art form for home decoration at the present time. It has massive use in Hindu rituals. In the beginning, kulo is use as a cleaning tool for cleaning the dust and covers from crops. Have you ever wondered that the Kulo is being used for rituals in your marriage, has the name & photo, hand-painted of the bride & groom! Art and crafts  spreads its root in the culture of Indian history.

Hand painted Kulo Art
Hand painted Kulo Art

The finest details in the decorative hand-painted “KULO” certainly mesmerized and drew attention specifically during the marriage occasions. Traditionally and in typical Bengali wedding rituals and customs are very interesting and unique. In a way, it feels no traditional craft is really dying Through hand-painted kulo.

An intricate example of craftsmanship can be observed in the variations in color, shading, texture, shape, and pattern finds in hand-painted kulo items. Which display the finest examples of craftsmanship.

Hand-painted kulo always considers an omen during auspicious occasions as well as used for home decor purposes. Apart from that used to serve appetizers.

Hand painted Kulo Art
Hand painted Kulo Art

Baran hand-painted kulo makes with bamboo that creates products of utility and ritual use. Weaving is varied and intricate, as well as fine detailing


From weddings to pujas, from rice ceremonies to jamai sasthi, the kulo is a bamboo tray used to separate the chaff from the grain.

Presently the handicrafts industry generates employment and witnessed a significant growth of 3% annually by encouraging exports. In addition to being good for the community, supporting local artisans is also good for the art.

This colorful decorative hand-painted kulo also helps in mental peace if you decorates your room with them as chuck

Hand painted Kulo Art
Klosterman says

“Art and love are the same thing: It’s the process of seeing yourself in things that are not you.”

Besides being used as home décor and gifts, hand-painted kulo plays an important role in cultural and traditional aspects. On the necessity e-Store, you can choose from a variety of designs and patterns of hand-painted kulo.

You can decorate your walls with hand-painted kulo to support our artists and give your home a nice look. Our art heroes deserve our appreciation because art is a necessity. So next time if you are thinking about decorating items or mental peace you can think about Hand Painted Kulo.