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A Marketplace For Handcraft Products & Creative Goods.

Necessity is an initiative to facilitate & uplift the reach & beauty of Indian Handcraft in the global spectrum. Our goal is to make art, a necessary part of our daily life, that’s where the name ‘NECESSITY’ came from.The Proposition of our is – #Art_is_Necessity #Make_it_Necessity.

Necessity eStore is part of our initiative Necessity.
It’s a marketplace for unique handcraft and creative goods. This e-com website is home to extraordinary unique handcrafted pieces and vintage treasures from various parts of India.
In this marketplace, you can get all kinds of handcrafted products, your home & heart desires.We started this initiative to uphold the great talents of independent artists who are struggling to honor the age-old Indian traditions & heritage.
Our dour is always open for any artist willing, they are welcome to join us freely anytime from anywhere.

In the midst of increasing industrialization, it’s our genuine responsibility to keep human connection at the very heart of commerce. That’s the whole reason, we built a home where creativity lives and thrives for the people by the people. We always try to encourage our community of artisans on how to turn their ideas into successful businesses. Our platform helps connecting artists with a bunch of interested buyers looking for a healthy alternative with a special human touch. Art always finds its own unique ways in the heart of those who value moments in life that deserve imagination.

The handcraft industry has a market valuation of 718 Billion dollars worldwide, in the future it’ll only increase and this sector is one of the most important keys to make our country more financially established. From India, almost 126 billion dollar handcrafts are exported to foreign countries.
After the pandemic, when the artists are too much affected and we can proudly say that almost 500+ artists are with us and we are able to support them by promoting their artwork through our website.

We already reached every state of our Country and have reached 12 different countries throughout the globe like Canada, USA, Dubai, Vietnam, Africa, England, France, etc.

Times are changing so handicrafts & the market related to them but people’s love for art is the same since beginning of civilizations. It’s our great pleasure that we were able to express our love for arts & crafts in form of Necessity. So let’s make a step towards a world where no artist sleeps hungry & make art a necessity.

*An Initiative By Team TCB

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