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west bengal pattachitra handicraft

Pattachitra village of india is famous for arts and crafts. This ancient artwork carries a lot of historical value in the history of Indian Handicrafts.The entire village, not just a few families, dedicates itself to carrying on the legacy through their artwork.People famously know Pingla as the Pattachitra village of West Bengal. In foreign countries, they call Pingla Pattachitra village of India. The Pattachitra of Pingla & Patuas are world famous for that reason.

How Bengal has been carrying on its traditions for years

West Bengal has a rich heritage in art and culture.The evolving art of West Bengal has gained worldwide popularity for its uniqueness, as it encompasses diverse traditional handicrafts, pottery, painting, carving, dance, and music.pattachitra village Pingla is one of those village that carries our tradition.

Why Bengal is famous for Pattachitra Handicraft

Bengal Pattachitra continues to carry traditional and mythological heritage. People know West Bengal pattachitra handicrafts in different forms at home and abroad, such as Durga Pat, Chalachitra, Upjati Patchitra, Midnipur Patchitra, and Kalighat Patchitra. The content of Bengali Patachitra is mostly mythological, religious stories, folktales, and social. Kalighat Patachitra is the last tradition of Bengali Patachitra developed by Jamini Roy.

Over the years, the pre-Pala era is still prevalent in small villages of Medinipur, Bankura, Purulia, Howrah, Hooghly, and 24 Parganas.

Author Ajit Kumar Mukhopadhyay in his book “Folk Art of Bengal” mentions that there are some jadu-Patuas paintings in mural style in the temples of the Bankura district. west bengal pattachitra handicraft

The story of pattachitra village Pingla and there patuas

Famous Pattachitra village Pingla is a hidden gem of West Bengal that embodies centuries of artistic heritage and traditional crafts. Pingla is a village that exudes elegance and creativity and has gained renown as the center of the painting art.

The heart and soul of Pattachitra village of india reside in its artisans. They have inherited the art of pattachitra from their forefathers. They are carrying forward this rich legacy for more than 2500 years. People know the artists of Pattachitra village Pingla as ‘Patuas’. Using traditional tools and techniques, these skilled artisans devote countless hours to creating magnificent masterpieces that depict mythological stories, folklore and scenes from everyday life. This art is associated with more than 80 families. The artists, though not highly educated, possess extensive knowledge about our mythological stories and ancient culture. They carry our heritage year after year with pride.


Pattachitra does not limit itself to canvas. Pattachitra Village of India celebrates this artistic expression in various forms including wall murals, masks, wooden sculptures, and hand-painted textiles. The entire village acts as a canvas, adorning every nook and cranny of art, creating a vibrant tapestry. It tells the story of Pingla’s artistic tradition. More than 80 families are associated with this art.Pattachitra translates to “cloth painting” in the local language. Pattachitra Village Pingla is home to storytellers who draw stories and narrate them through singing. People know these songs as “pattar gaan.”

If you want to support this ancient art form of India and the efforts of the artisans towards it, consider buying a pattachitra art piece when you’re searching for home decor.