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Indian Terracotta Art/Indian Terracotta Handicraft /


 Indian Terracotta Art or Indian Terracotta handicraft/ handcraft is one of India’s authentic and soulful art forms.  Terracotta art is a piece of Indian pottery Handicraft work and a medium for expressing emotions and thoughts. This art form represents the heritage and culture of a nation.  Every nation has its own heritage and the origin also tells many stories about the nation’s socio-economic condition as well as the custom and lifestyle of the people. India-the” land of culture”,  Since its ancient times India  recognizes for its rich culture and heritage. Many foreigners came to India attracted by its culture.

Foreigners tries to discover the culture but they can’t because the boundaries of Indian culture and heritage   extends in a large area that it’s impossible for them. We can count every piece of work which expresses emotion as art, but among all these works Handcraft is one. Now if we categorize Indian handcraft there are such as pottery Handicraft, wood carving, metal, and Textile work. But the most important question is “How many of us know about them “. The answer is very simple, only a few of us. The Handicraft industry resembles the soul of the nation.  But the most regretful fact is that we forget about the soul and also the preservation of the soul of the artists. But now it’s time to discover our glorious heritage through Indian Terracotta handicraft.

Origin of Indian Terracotta Art & Handicraft:

Suppose we take the word “Handicraft” in a literary sense it means crafts made by hand. We can easily understand that the artisans contributes their hundred percent dedication and immense emotion to make this art.  The artist nurtured his/ her creation as a mother nurtured her child. Among all the Handicraft art “Terracotta Handcraft ” is one of the earliest and most popular art forms.  The word” Terracotta” is an amalgamation of two Italian words ” terra” (earth) and “cotta” ( baked). Baking/Burning in sunlight ,is the major part of the procedure of the terracotta art. The smell and design of terracotta products reveal the story of the artists as well as about rich culture.  Terracotta Handicraft counts in the Indian pottery Handicraft category.

Terracotta craft is not limited to the show pieces and utensils but we find terracotta deity sculpture in most of the Indian temples. Nowadays terracotta art is a part of decorative architecture. People now prefer to buy terracotta Handicraft Online. In the northern temples, terracotta sculptures narrate the mythology stories and also their own struggling stories. We find jewelry in the form terracotta design. The five main elements of terracotta art are air, fire, earth,  water and ether. So if we talk about the making of terracotta, like other art pieces it also needs patience and dedication.  Through the making process, artists prove their skills and imagination.  The artist made the pieces with the help of hands and gave them their own design.  After completing the making the pieces  buries in a fire and let dry. After drying the pieces change their colour into glazed red.


Indian Terracotta Art/Indian Terracotta Handicraft /

Terracotta is one type of pottery Handicraft.  But terracotta has many differences from other pottery Hand Crafts.  The most important difference is terracotta are buried in low temperatures whereas other pottery items are Buried in high temperatures. Terracotta does not tolerate high temperatures; it can easily break in high temperatures. Terracotta is also different in texture and colour.  Terracotta is made with reddish brown clay and contains iron a rough rustic texture.  It has another important feature that is porosity which helps the clay in absorbing water.  The well-absorbed clay is ideal for making terracotta sculptures and decorative pieces.


Terracotta Handicraft is found in different forms, in the states of India. The Terracotta plaque was made in Molela, a small village in Rajasthan. Tamil Nadu is another prominent name,  famous for making the largest terracotta sculptures.  Gujarat,  Madhya Pradesh, and Odisha all have their own terracotta style. In the history of Terracotta Handicrafts West Bengal is a crucial name.  The artist excels in the art and gives their own authentic touch to it.

Hooghly, Murshidabad, Digha, Jessore, and Birbhum all are famous for terracotta art. But among all of these Bankura and Bishnupur are two names that give the art a new recognition.  Bishnupur is known as a city of temples and the temples are illustrated with terracotta sculptures and design.  Bankura’s “terracotta horse” is another momentous instance of terracotta Handcraft. Bankura horse art is not restricted to West Bengal but it also crosses the boundaries and proves its own glory.


Terracotta Tea Pot Set

We can categorize Indian pottery Handicraft into various classes. Mainly we take terracotta items as decorative interior goods. But it’s not true, nowadays we discover terracotta design utensils,  lamps, lanterns, earrings, necklaces, and many other items.  Terracotta Handicraft extended their span everywhere. Since its former days, terracotta is widely acknowledged for its decorative pieces, statues, and sculptures.  Nowadays terracotta jewellery has gained immense popularity. It has become a new trend as well as a part of the fashion jewellery world. Due to the Digital craze now people become more eager to buy terracotta Handicraft Online.


India was witness to the pandemic in the year 2020.

The Indian economy,  industries,  and all over the system collapsed.  A huge number of people lost their jobs. The unemployment percentage increased.  So how can we expect that in that situation people will buy artistic pieces where they couldn’t buy their necessary goods?  The Terracotta Handicraft sector is different from other sectors as it is a little unorganised in that sense.  The artist only knows how to create the pieces but they are not properly aware of how to sell or represent them in front of their customers directly.

During the pandemic, the situation becomes more devastating. The artist faced a lack of medium to show and sell their products. So as a result they met with many difficulties in terms of surviving their life. There are many people who earn their bread and run their livelihood from Handicraft business but the pandemic forced them to think about leaving it. Due to the economic instability, the relationship between buyer and seller became split.



After the Pandemic, Terracotta Handicraft takes rebirth and is decorated with a new glimpse. In this new phase Terracotta Handicraft not limited its boundaries in the art sector but also contributed to the Indian economy.  There is a golden chance for India to become the third-largest economy in the world within 2027.  The handicraft industry has made significant contributions in the path of making India economically glorious. So now 

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