Patachitra Village - Raghurajpur

Pattachitra Villages Raghurajpur & Pingla

Pattachitra Village Raghurajpur is formerly known as pattachitra village of India is famous for its art and culture. Pattachitra Village (villages)- Raghurajpur has been carrying our heritage and art for years after years. Raghurajpur-The Pattachitra village (villages)of Odisha state recognizes for its unique handicraft creations. It situates on the southern bank of the river Bhargavi which is nearly 14 km from Puri. The origin of the Pattachitra paintings can be traced back to the 8th century AD . It  also considers one of the earliest forms of indigenous paintings. The people of Pattachitra village Raghurajpur live their lives through it. Not only in Raghurajpur but in Odisha The Pattachitra village Bharatpur is also famous for its unique & creative pattachitra art

The Indian National Trust for Art and Cultural Heritage (INTACH) declared Raghurajpur a heritage village in 2000 for one of the originators of Pattachitra Paintings. 

What is Pattachitra?

Without art, the crudeness of reality would make the world unbearable-said someone. Pattachitra paintings depicts Hindu mythological tales and tribal folklore as well as social message.It also  narrates on contemporary usual events  centered around the Jagannath and Vaishnava sect. In simple words, Pattachitra Handicraft Reflects the heritage and culture of Hindu &  Vedic civilization. The whole village follows their passion as their profession, through their art, they represent the Indian art & culture. Here we are discussing the tradition and heritage of the pattachitra village Bharatpur of Odisha, and  Raghurajpur pattachitra handicraft.

The tradition of Patachitra Handicraft in Pattachitra Village Raghurajpur

Pattachitra not only holds the pride of  Raghurajpur but also carries the pride of India, that’s why Raghurajpur  also famous as the pattachitra village of Odisha/ India. Talking about pattachitra, the snana yatra  organizes at the Jagannath temple where lord bathes. It is believed that lord catches a fever after this the pattachitra are sent from the village . The puja  performes at Ratna Singhasan.

This is the tradition of the Pattachitra village(villages) Raghurajpur.

Pattachitra is responsible for the commercialization and globalization of the art and creating opportunities for income generation, direct and indirect employment of lakhs of artisans, and also contributed to the total upliftment of the socio-economic condition of the artisans.

Have you ever wondered what exactly pattachitra is and why is it so famous ?

Pattachitra is a rejected cotton cloth like artist uses tamarind seeds scrap & boil then to stick 2-3 sarees using the gum. Then they lift these and with the help of white chalk and two different types of stone- the zero and the six number.Raghunath mohapatra is one of the most popular pattachitra artists and a padma shree awardee created a six foot tall sculpture of the sun God.

You might have seen that new painting is seen every single time but how is it possible?

Indian art historian, O C Ganguly believes that Patta paintings are exceptional, not only in the history of Indian paintings but also worldwide, among any form of European painting, because of their unique design.

An artwork that is not limited to Odisha and West Bengal, both versions of this artwork have been granted Geographical Indication tags. A form within a form – this is a usually seen concept in Patachitra.

Despite that, Patachitra is always very profitable in terms of the financial side. It has a very strong value on the heritage of Ancient India & Hindu Mythology. It is also exported to foreign countries.

Raghurajpur artisans lost their artwork and raw materials. They are still recovering from the disaster .pattachitra village Bharatpur also faced various problems but they revive from this situation with their dedication.

Despite their hard work and dedication, they don’t get the respect and recognition that they deserve.

Famous Patachitra Places in West Bengal

Midnapore Pingla is regarded as one of the originating places of Patachitra. The earning Hundreds of families rely on the patachitra. Midnapore, Pingla Patachitra has its unique creativity which differs from others.

Bharatpur of Chhatna is another famous name for the pattachitra village of India.  In Bankura is one of the few places where artisans make patachitra with their creativity, patience & immense love. In West Bengal, these two villages are very popular when it is to patachitra artisans.

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