Wooden Gomira Face Mask

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Wooden Gomira Face Mask. High quality gamar wooden, wall hanging face mask (16/10/4.50 inch) glossy color
.Making Time: 10-15 days Handicrafts of home decors. Crafted by artist of India. Carry Indian traditional culture. Made in-India. Size- 16*10*4.50 inch Color- Black Material- Gamar wood Gomera mask is a part of Gomera dance which is originated in North and South Dinajpur of West Bengal. The word Gomera is colloquial from Gram-Chandi, a female deity. The extract origin of this craft is no doubt very old and some of the craftsmen claim it is at least as old as the beginning of Kali Yuga. The Gomera dances are organized to propitiate the deity to usher in the good forces and drive out the evil forces. The mask dance organised within the month of mid-April to mid-July. The wood-crafted Gomera mask represents two distinct forms. The characters of two distinct forms of dance are the Gomera and the Ram-Vanwas. The scary masks of the Gomera are made from the wood of the Gamar tree. Holes are made under the eyes of the mask for the wearer to see.   In Gomera mask dance Mahiraban is a mythical character in the epic Ramayana. Mahiraban is said to be the brother of Raban, the Lanka king. The tri-headed wooden mask is made to represent Mahiraban. This mask is popular in South Dinajpur.   The ancient Gomera dance of North Dinajpur used sponge wood mask. At first, the artist prepares a model from mashed paper layered upon a piece of cloth soaked in mud water. After drying the cloth, it is topped with sponge wood and coloured. For the glow, it is given a varnish polish n the mask and decorated with sequences, foil and coloured paper.   Shiknidhal mask, the other gigantic wooden mask used in the gomira dance of South Dinajpur. This mask is used in the war dance. It is also called Mukha Khel meaning the game of masks.   In 2013, after a memorandum of understanding was signed between the West Bengal government and UNESCO to promote culture-based livelihoods, things began to change for the better for these mask-makers.

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Wooden Gomira Face Mask

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