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Paints & crafts - An art that's spirit remained unchanged

Painting crafts are unique types of Handmade crafts. Painting & craft has been part of human civilization since the very beginning. From being a way of communication to becoming a hobby then turned into one of the finest carrier choices in modern times.

The modern period witnessed the conclusion of the “Age of Academies“. Academies flourished in Europe from the Renaissance up to the Neoclassical/Romantic era. The next major phase of modern painting was impressionism, a swift sketchy style that captures the overall impression of a scene.Painting & Craft is important for Palaces and large buildings were built and the walls were markedly painted and adorn beautiful ancient craft in a figurative style , in general mixed with geometric designs with people in various activities, such as scenes of worship, games, palace ceremonies, as well as animals and landscapes.

More about painting & craft :

Painting & Craft are emerge in prehistory, when nomadic people made use of paintings on rocky walls. They made drawings with charcoal leaving marks in the caves where they passed. under those circumstances Recent discovery made in Altamira, Spain found that the oldest paintings was made nearly about 42,000 years & markedly were done on the walls and ceilings of the caves. significantly These first paintings discovered by archaeologists, significantly are vibrant paintings using more than three colors. These are paintings particularly that have tried to imitate nature with maximum realism, moreover based on observations made during their hunt. In 1400 BC cities were emerging and Cretan models of mural painting became a standard for this whole area. 

Important of painting & craft :

Painting & crafts has become important part of our society from being part time hobby painting has become become part of modern education. Fine arts has been taken by the students as serious carrier option. Even though Painting & Craft has been part of our culture since the very beginning most people only value old iconic painting but you should always remember those iconic artists sure had given this world great creations but they don’t need your money where as independent small artist who are struggling to buy lunch can use it. So while choosing painting for your pale value the great paints & crafts of those who need it & deserve it.

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Traditionally they are drawn in thick paper. But nowadays they are drawn in plates, glasses & many more.

No. But it’s also depends on the base canvass product.

Dusting with a clean dry cloth once in a while is enough.

It’s completely safe. But it never bad to be a little careful.

Mandala arts are one of the best decor piece for any house.

As they are laminated there is no chance of color fading & damage.

Painting are not at tall heavy but nowadays painting is done on plates or glasses so the weight depends on the base canvass product.