Wooden Owl

Indian Handmade Wooden Owl

BURDWAN WOODEN OWL – A lucky – Indian Handmade Wooden Owl – A charm Home decor from West Bengal

The Burdwan wooden owl is a decor piece that originated from Natungram (Natungram wooden owl) situated in the Burdwan district of West Bengal. It started its journey as an art form to bring good luck to households.

Handicraft is like a connecting panel between ancient culture with the future generation. This handicraft represents the old and gorgeous tradition of ancient Bengal tradition. Artists are passionate about this type of craft to show the history behind it.

This age-old practice started after the fall of Maharajadhiraja Bahadur Sir Bijay Chand Mahtab (1881-1941), the king of Burdwan. As they took inspiration from various mythologies & folklore, some of the most commonly known family names there is Sutradhar.

Dolls are mainly made out of Gamar, Mango, Shimul, AtaChatim Sonajhuri timber. After the men carve the timber in shape the women paint the product generally with red,  yellow, black, white, and obviously with the most important colour ‘love’.

The way a little sight of a “laxmi peycha” charms your day, this wooden “hutum & vutum” are ready to light up your boring study table with joy, and always keep in mind that your one “buy now” click has the power to bring food to many poor families.

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Handicrafts are the greatest evidence to show one community’s culture & tradition. History never leaves you behind, it always supplied the rich heritage & glory of one community’s culture to its future generation. 

In Hinduism, “Peycha” i.e owl is the mount / vahana of the goddess ” LAXMI” who is the supreme goddess of wisdom & health. This type of handicraft is considered a lucky charm for you & your family. The dedication of this artwork behind it has a golden history in the Bardhaman- district of West Bengal.

These are the assets of our great motherland India. It represents the culture and heritage of the oldest Indian civilization in the world. These handmade crafts are also famous as lucky charms. Their unique design and texture gave them a premium look to show the glory of our greatest art & craft culture. 


Though these items are very hardy and they are quite light, neither bulky nor very heavy.

Traditionally wooden owls were painted with organic color but due to demands & budget issues artists paint them with chemical colors. For more information go through our article.

Thank you for asking this question. All handicrafts are packed very carefully before delivery. Moreover, these types are quite hardy containing very less chance of damage.