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Wooden Gamira Mask

Wooden Face Mask,Best quality, Hand Picked gamar wooden, wall hanging face mask (12/6/3.50 inch) glossy Blue color. Handicrafts of home decors. Crafted by artist of India. Carry Indian traditional culture. Made in-India. Size- 12*6*3.50 inch Color- Glossy Blue Material- Gamar wood •Vintage Wooden Carved Mask •Gomera mask (Also known as Gamira mask) masis a part of Gomera dance which is originated in North and South Dinajpur of West Bengal. The word Gomera is colloquial from Gram-Chandi, a female deity. •This mask is used in the war dance. It is also called Mukha Khel meaning the game of masks.  Making Time: 10-15 days