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Terracotta Pickle/ghee jar

Terracotta Pickle/ghee jar.Package Contents: 1-Piece JarMaterial: Terracotta.Dimensions: Height 6 Inch.Pack Content: 1 Terracotta jar with lid\Making Time: 20-25 DaysPriced Possession to keep on your dining table.We assure you there is no chemicals used in any step of making this product. It is made using Naturally excavated Clay.Benefits: Clay pots give you all the Phosphorus, Iron, Magnesium and several other Minerals. Clay being alkaline in nature helps in neutralizing the PH balance of the food by interacting with the acid present in the food. Clay being a porous, allows heat and moisture circulate evenly making food juicer, Food cooks Perfect without over heating & Burning.The pickle jar made of high and perfect for storing and preserving your favorite pickle as the container gives a good shelf life. The jar is best to preserve pickles, fermented water or oil based eatables of your choice and relish every taste that will remain same