Mandala Art

Indian Mandala pattern art

Mandala Art - An Indian meditative traditional pattern art

 Indian Mandala Pattern Art is a meditative traditional art that borrows the prehistoric significance of Indian culture. Mandalas are geometrical diagrams or symbols of an ideal universe inspired by Hindu(Vedic) & Buddhist traditions. In Sanskrit ‘Mandala‘ refers to  ’Circle‘. Proven as an art form to increase concentration, this art also has its place in Christian alchemy & Salomonis culture.

Across the Eurasian continent, Mandala Art painted on scrolls was carried by travelers as the symbol of life. Through its various layers, this art form represents the journey from the outside spiritual core to the inner cores in a forty days physiological cycle. In Hinduism ‘Yatra‘ is another name for smaller mandala art. Mostly used in rituals or pujas they have a limited color & geometrical scheme to incorporate various mantras. In Buddhist tantra, the two very famous old practices are Mount Meru & Five Wisdom Kings. There are more than 100,000 of these mandala offerings in Tibetan Buddhist tantra. The funerary art of the 17th-century Church of Saint John the Baptist(Norwich), is a rare example of a Christian alchemical mandala.

Indian Mandala pattern art - Art of World

In the past artists worked seated on the floor to paint in a systematic way. After stretched cloth is sized they apply a gelatin coat and chalk or white clay. At last to smoothen the  surface gesso was polished. After the preliminary sketch is made with charcoal crayon, artists reinforced the final drawing in brush and black ink. For the color both mineral & organic pigments are used with a tip of fine animal-hair brushes. To restore a matte finish the artists dust the paints with a small ball of parched grain flour dough as a final touch.

Nowadays for high demand & commercialization these arts are drawn over glasses, plates, flower vases etc. Many millennials practice mandala as a modern meditative art form.

The art form once was limited in the offerings of Tibetan monks & kings & can be seen as elegant decor piece in small Bombay apartment. Mandala art has been serving it’s purpose as symbol of a healthy peaceful life since 400 B.D. So what are you waiting for??This fall season bring home a traditional mandala and give a little rest to your hustle culture.

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Traditionally mandala are drawn in thick paper. But nowadays they are drawn in plates, glasses & many more.

No. But it’s also depends on the base canvass product.

Dusting with a clean dry cloth once in a while is enough.

It’s completely safe. But it never bad to be a little careful.

Manadala arts are one of the best decor piece for any house.

Mandala handicrafts like plates, marts, are one of the best wall decor out there.

If they are made on thick cloth or paper there might be a chance of catching damage from water. But there no chance of color fading.

Mandala arts come various different colours but browns & bright colors are most used

Depends on the product

Mandala handicrafts are not at tall heavy but nowadays mandala is drawn on plates or glasses so the weight depends on the base canvass product.