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Dream Catcher

Dream Cather pack of 1(one)size- 7 inchMaking Time: 5-7 Daysdiameter Dream catchers symbolizes the yearning for a better life. It is one of the most fascinating traditionseasy to hang on a wall and you can hang it from a ceiling, best for home decor and gifting purpose.Dream catcher was intended to protect the sleeping individual from negative dreams, while letting. Have you heard the story behind the dreamcatchers? No need to assemble. More convenient and beautiful than before. Lucky Dream Catchers can be sent to your lover and kids as a thoughtful gift with love.

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Colourful Dia (

This product is made only by the clay, bio-degradable, hygienic. Pure handmade product… Made by Ganga soil, Colour: This is made of clay only.  


Delightful Handmade Durga

Delightful Handmade Durga Chhau Mask Thank you for visiting Necessity eStore.

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Handmade Designed Jute

Handmade Designed Jute Table Coaster Set of Six Thank you for visiting Necessity eStore.