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Oxidised-Necklace with earrings

Oxidized sterling silver jewelry is made of sterling silver that has been exposed to oxygen in a pressurized environment for a long period of time. It is different from traditional silver because it is a darker color and has very little luster. The effect of oxidizing pieces is for a slightly tarnished or antique jewelry look. This happens when the sterling silver jewelry is purposely exposed to air that contains sulfur. This compound, silver sulfide, creates blacked patches, which gives the silver a dark black finish, resulting in pieces that have more of a vintage look.


Delightful Handmade Kathakali

Delightful Handmade Kathakali Chhau Mask Thank you for visiting Necessity eStore.


Teracotta Durga murti

Teracotta Durga murti proudly the best  tableware manufacturer in India. This products are handmade and manufactured using some of the finest material, that enrich your Terracotta serving experiences. Crafted with the vibrancy of colors, timelessness of our designs. This products are of high quality for all your tableware needs. This is determined to provide best products to the global market. With experience, Teracotta Durga murti  has launched best quality crockery at the most economical price by using best technology, computerized designs and competitive price strategy. This assures best of its quality, yet at such a competitive price. This is best item for gift.


Mandala Art Round

Mandala Art Round Shape Planter. Thank You For Visiting Necessity eStore.