Bamboo Art

Bamboo Art-:An eco-friendly craftsmenship

The Bamboo working is the South Asian traditional art of making architecture, furniture, showpieces out of strips of bamboo. One of the most simplest yet delicate practice of Asia has been bamboo scroll paintings, for many centuries. Traditional Bamboo craft carry the artwork of old India.

There grows more than hundred of species of bamboo across Southeastern Asia. The crafts and works of Bamboo have been a part of human civilization since the early days. generally For it’s long life, bamboo is called the Chinese symbol of uprightness. in other word Bamboo is called one of the “Four Gentlemen”, has an important role in traditional Chinese cultures because it is regarded as a behavior model of the gentleman. after that Archaeological evidence prove the existence of bamboo vessels and containers in Neolithic(6000-2000BC) era of China. above all Bamboo is a common theme in Japanese literature and painting. In 8th century bamboo utensils were used for Buddhist rituals in Japan. meanwhile the Tea master Sen no Rikyū started the special Japanese bamboo tea art in 16th century. Therefore Northeastern India many tribes started traditional bamboo artwork in 2nd century.

The concentration of bamboo is the highest in northeastern India , and moreover 38 different species of bamboos recorded in Assam and Sikkim . Some important species of canes exploited in commercial quantities, are Jati, Tita and Lejai.

About Bamboo :

Bamboo tree is the world’s fastest growing plant. More than 60 meters long, this plant is quite easy to find. After the bamboo collected from the forest, therefore the craftsmen make straps of about 3/4th inch width and 10 inches long. Then the artist places the straps in a twelve-pointed star manner. On the other hand Artisan splits the rest of the bamboo into equally thin strips with help of the wood block, and uses a knife for the weaving process. Then they dip the thin strips of bamboo in water to make the bamboo softer for bending and weaving purpose. after that when the final product is ready artists paint the product with various colors, maintaining contrast, between the foreground and background. Traditional bamboo artwork gives the essence of ancient culture.

For instance, Bamboo crafts have been getting more admiration from all over India. The government is taking initiatives to promote this type of ancient and tribal craft to capture the international market. Even though bamboo working and painting has been the part of Asian tradition, since a long time it is very modern in terms of utility and aesthetics. The craft has consistently evolved since ages and continues to grow.

The bamboo plant came under the close observation, by many East Asians because of its persistence and vegetative productivity. But we need to encourage the eco-friendly crafts more. So be a part of this great cause just by clicking “Buy now”

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Yes the bamboos used by the artisans are produced in the country.

Though the bamboo crafts are very hardy but they are quite light, owing to the weaving pattern and the fact that bamboos are originally quite supple.

Ans-: They mostly kept in natural in their color.

Thank you for asking this question. All handicrafts are packed very carefully before delivery. But just keep this mind that bamboo crafts are quite hardy containing very less chance of damage.

Yes wall hanging bamboo décors are available. Like bamboo wall marts & masks.

Being earth’s one of the fastest growing plant bamboo is not only renewable but also easy to source.

Yes, the bamboo crafts are quite sturdy and durable.

Yep, they are very to maintain, dusting once in a while is enough.