Saw Dust Art

Saw dust Art A unique turn of wood dust :

Saw Dust Art

India is gifted with a rich heritage of designing a wide variety of handicrafts made of metals, paper, beads, wire, clay and Saw dust. Sawdust is fine particles that are collected from the rigorous cutting of wood with a saw. Artist create attractive toys & decor pieces which carries its own traditional themes out of saw dust.

There is an art festival held in Laguna beach named Saw dust art festival, which showcases excellent live works of sawdust & other wooden crafts.


saw dust making process :

Saw dust is basically a waste or a by product of wooden crafts. Main ingredients for this art line Saw dust, Garden clay (one-fourth of the volume of the sawdust), carpenter’s adhesive to bind the dust. After the sawdust are soaked in the water they are mixed with clays In a small container or bowl in semi solid manner. When the saw dust art mixture is ready to use artist shape it into a design with oily hands.

Saw dust and its uniqueness :

The Saw Dust Art products are of different designs based on mythological characters or animal and bird figures. Some of the handicrafts are also based on rural day-to-day life like a figurine designed with a female positioned with a basket on her head. This figure typically portrays the scene of how vegetables are being sold in rural areas. The toy is made of cloth and it is stuffed with sawdust material.

Saw dust is known for its uniqueness & style. This pretty new art form in India & very few artist practice this. But due it’s own sense of beauty and sustainability saw dust art is becoming the new aesthetic. So next time your chose something extravagant for your modern dining try considering a saw dust wall mask which not give your flat a clean bold look but also will help thousands of new artists.

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Though the they are very hardy but they are quite light, neither bulky nor very heavy.

Artists paints them with chemical colours.For more information go through our article.

Thank you for asking this question. All handicrafts are packed very carefully before delivery, moreover sawdust handicrafts are quite hardy having very less chance of damage. 

Saw dust arts come various different colors but browns, yellow & bright colors are most used.

Dusting with a clean dry cloth once in a while is enough.