Leaf Art

Leaf Art

Leaf Carving art - A Modern Aesthetic

Leaf carving art is a delicate artwork that involves trimming leaves into pictures & landscapes. This new art form emerging from China is making use of dried and fallen leaves, creating delicate forms. Leaf art is very popular in social medias , also dry leaf art , peepal or skeleton leaf art.


In 1994 Chinese Artist Huang Tai Sheng’s work got published in the Guinness Book of World Records. This art is very similar to Chinese Paper Cutting. One of the most commonly seen tree leaves of the Indian subcontinent & lucky charm of China, i.e., Chinar leaves are used in this art. The distribution of veins & thick coat in the Chinar leaves makes them best suited for sculpting. There is a form of leaf work seen in India is Peepal painting. Even in modern times, Peepal paintings are great for making cards for different occasions, wall decorations, bookmarks, and gifts. etc. Even before the invention of paper People uses Peepal leaves for writing & painting in India. In many places, People know this this art form by Peepal leaf art.

Leaf Craving Process

Creating these art is a hard task. Firstly , the leaf is slowly scraped off its outer layers With a knife to reveal a near-transparent surface. After that artists take special care to preserve the veins & stability of the leaf. The process of producing a single-leaf carving takes months of careful work. To ensure that the artwork lasts for decades leave laminate. At the end sometimes it looks like a skeleton of beautiful scenery , that’s the reason we see people calling Skeleton leaf art. As carving on leaves is still a rare form of art, there are very few artists in this field.

Though it pays a good sum of money for each work, the overall demand is low. It says that art has no rules & shapes. Mother nature provides a beautiful colourful canvas with every fall.

As it is one of the modern artworks leaf art is still growing & needs more love. Being art-loving people we should be the ones doing it. So gift a leaf portrait to your wife to appreciate her & a growing artist.

Our Products


Thank you for asking this question. We pack the handicrafts very carefully with special technique before delivery.

Need not to worry. They aren’t fragile but need to be handled with a little care.

You can use Glycerin as the best option to preserve the leaves & they are completely safe. Sometimes they are laminated too with arranged paper towels.

Depends on the product

Absolutely. Decoration is nothing but proportions & creativity. So for a good eye it would be easy task to set a leaf portrait on the living room wall.

Even though they are a quite delicate but they are no harm to skin so if be a little careful there is no chance of damage on both sides.

No there is absolutely no chance of color fading if you preserve it well.

Laminate it well so there will be no need of harsh hands

Mostly in big leaves like Palm, maple, peepal