Clay Art

A old rural handicraft - Clay Art

Clay art also known as pottery is one of the most famous age old handicrafts of West Bengal. This artwork is present in almost every district of Bengal. But Bankura, Murshidabad, and Midnapore have their name famous for this indigenous art. Clay Craft or soil art always gives you the taste of “desh ki mitti” .

Pottery is a rural art where the men and women of Kumhar community are engaged in this art. There are umpteen varieties of pottery all of which are made up of clay. Though the use of pottery or clay art varies a lot from daily utensils to showpieces or idols, the basic requirements and procedure are almost same. The clay mixture is then fashioned on wheels, to give it the shape of the required items .Then they dry and harden the items to make them hard and stable. 


There are four famous kinds of pottery in West Bengal, viz MangalghatsLakshmi GhatManasha Ghats and Tulsimancha. Mangal Ghats is type of pottery used for auspicious ceremonies, like marriagesbirth rituals. In Lakshmi Ghat one of the most auspicious pairs of this pottery comprises of two pots, one of which is meant for Lakshmi & other is meant for Lord Ganesh. This is a ritual to pray for wisdom & wealth. People use the Manasha Ghat, a pottery used in the worship of serpent goddess Manasha.

Tulsimancha pottery is made up of clay as well as bricks and is adorned with various kinds of motifs, related to Gods and Goddesses like Radha-Krishna. Most of the people have at least one soil art or clay craft in their home. Pottery is one of the pritimitive yet aesthetic art of Bengal. This Kali Pujo & Diwali decorate your sweet cozy home with colorful “Matir Prodip” (Clay Diyas) and light up the festive season for both you & that Murshidabadi Kumar uncle. Clay craft & soil art showpiece is always a good option for gifting purpose.

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Depending upon the product the may a little weight or sometimes a little on the heavy side.

Dusting with dry clean cloth once in a while would be enough.

Thank you for asking this question. All handicrafts are packed very carefully before delivery. Clay arts are a little delicate but if handed with care there’s nothing to worry.

Yes clay masks are the best wall decor out there.

Traditional clay arts are one of the gifts you could get anyone.

A welly crafted clay handicraft is not fragile. But as they are a little delicate a careful hand would be best.

It’s completely safe. But it never bad to be a little careful.

Clay vases come in various different colors. Of course the traditional clay color with a little touch up is the most famous one.

No. There are vases & pots used in holding water in many households. Clay utensils are used in many houses too.