Chhau Mask of Charida , Purulia , India - A great heritage

Chhau Mask : A great heritage

The Chhau mask is a unique traditional cultural heritage art used for chhau dance.  Chhau Mask has it’s roots in Charida, a village of Purulia, West Bengal , India.

The tradition of making these masks started during the rule of king Madan Mohan Singh Deo of Baghmundi.

Purulia Chhau mask is unique from Odisha mask because they are based on mythologies & folklores such as Mahishasur-Mardini, Rama-Sita, Ramayana etc. Purulia Chhau mask is one of the registered Geographical Indications.

Charida Chhau Mask are made from 8–10 layers of soft paper, immersed in diluted glue. Then they paste the moulds one after another. After that the artisans dust the mud mould with fine ash powder. After that, Artisans make the the facial features from clay & a special layer of mud and cloth with perfection. Then they polish the sun-dried mask. After that, the second round of sun drying is done. Then they separate the layers of cloth and paper from the mould. In Addition, the artist completes the perfectly crafted eyes and ears with immense love. Then all the mask is coloured and decorated with black white, dark blue and tilak. Charida chhau Mask adds a traditional value in your wall if decorated. These Masks of India are exported to foreign in a good number.

India Chhau mask is the symbol of great traditions so they have experienced great hardships & laughs. One “Asur chhau mask” has the power to change your plane white wall into a projector for Mahishasur-Mardini. So hurry up and click “buy now” to feel the essence of live chhau dance & to bring smile to that little charida boy. 

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Chhau masks are one of the best wall decor for any home.

Yes traditional Chau masks are the perfect gift for any home.

Chau masks are made in village named Charida of Purulia, West Bengal.

Even though Chau masks have a vibrant design it definitely not gonna scare your kids off.

The basic materials for Chau masks are layers of paper.

Welly crafted Chau masks do have little weight but they are not heavy.

Chau mask are made of molding paper but they are not fragile but do need a careful handling

No there is absolutely no chance of color fading.

Thank you for asking this question. All handicrafts are packed very carefully before delivery. But just keep this mind that Chau masks are quite hardy enough, containing very less chance of damage.

Depends upon the product.